Chicken Scratches - Rain Gauges and More

Tammy Pearson

Last Monday’s rain had a lot of people checking their rain gauges and sharing their totals with each other.

The series of storms and downpours left some nasty ruts in roads and alleys as well as water in basements.

The spiders that had built some pretty hardy webs around our front windows survived a window washing. They may have to be removed by other means.

During last week’s storms, lightening stuck the big evergreen tree at the senior center housing in Greenfield and took out some televisions and phones. Fire was seen circling around the tree and also folks said they could hear a crackle on the phone seconds before the strike. No one was hurt, but it sure caught everyone’s attention!

City of Adair has some nice t-shirts out. County supervisors Dave Homan and Steve Shelley were wearing them Thursday and looked quite dapper.

Accidentally bumping an alarm in an elevator brings a lot of police and firefighters to the rescue, as was seen on the Square recently. But when there is no rescue needed, it is a shame to see so many hard working emergency responders called from other duties or a relaxing recliner or pool-side chair.

Tom Walk delivered treats around the square Thursday. We felt fortunate to be on the receiving end.

Have you ever tried cranberry honey mustard? It adds an interesting zing to a sandwich. Available now at Long’s Market.

Lots of Pokemon Go players have been out and about, and some people are expressing concern for their safety. Be sure to tell kids not to be watching their devices more than the roads, especially if riding their bikes! At least one close call has been reported.

The artists who visited Greenfield for the artist’s reception at the Warren Cultural Center stayed in the suite at WCC and spoke highly of the venue and the community.

Someone was pulled over by law enforcement, and when the dispatcher checked, he found that the driver was barred from driving — starting the next day! Perhaps knowing he would not be able to drive much longer, the pulled-over individual threw all caution and care to the wind.

Wonderful corn was to be had at the Nodaway Valley FFA corn stand. Nary a worm to be found and full kernels all around.


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